Monday Musings: Am I Different?

Welcome to the first Monday Musings, where I will share whatever is on my mind, serious, ridiculous or somewhere in between!

The past week changes have been on my mind. Some of you may have picked up on the fact that I quit my job the end of June. It was a good and cathartic thing for me to do, bringing me back home to the life I lead and loved before, that of homemaker.

Many of my friends supported me through this decision and were all there to celebrate my new-found freedom, whether in person, or by phone. One friend who called, mentioned that she wanted me to remember that I am not the same person I was 14 months ago when I took the job. At the time, I responded that I knew I was not, citing things like being more sure of myself, having better skills than before, etc. All positive things.

Since then, the words came back to me over and over. What could my friend have meant? Was this a warning of some sort? How else could I be different?

I’ve taken this very seriously, perhaps too seriously. I always over think things, THAT is nothing new. I’ve polled friends and family about any changes in myself that they might have seen. I’ve written a list:

  • More motivated
  • More interactive with people I meet, greeting strangers on the street, chatting it up with friends and REALLY listening to what they have to say.
  • More outspoken, saying what I think, whether I’m asked or not.

All good things. The only negative I can find is that I am less fit after sitting in front of a computer monitor for the past 14 months. This homemaker gig is FAR more physically demanding than typing and answering phones. I could feel it after just 2 days in which I took the dog on 2 mile walks, weeded, planted and picked the gardens, scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, cooked, cleaned, dishes and laundry. Yep, I came out of the gates at full tilt. I did throttle back a little, not by choice, but because I just couldn’t move without pain. It’s just so hard because there’s so much that needs to be done!

So, this change my friend spoke of, was it meant to be a warning? I don’t think so, or at least I’ve not seen evidence of it yet. I kind of feel that I used who I already am to impact the workplace. I brought my smile and my wry sense of humor into a church office, where you might think everyone is serious about the business of the Lord’s work, but I had a chance to enhance the office culture just by being who I am. I made great friends, had thoughtful conversations and even “mothered” the staff when they needed it. I was quick with the wit when appropriate…and maybe when less appropriate, just the same as I do here at home.

From here, I can only see the positive changes, and perhaps that was all that my friend was alluding to, but she sure gave me plenty to think about. I like that. I like that a lot because it challenged me, not unlike the office culture and my co-workers each in their own ways challenged me! Some in good ways, some in negative ways, they challenged and stretched me, mentally and emotionally. Look! Another positive change!  Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking about this so much and be grateful for the time I spent on the job and for the opportunities that lie ahead!

Life is good, just don’t over think it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I think I learn something from every job, even if it’s about what I *don’t* want to do with my life or with my work.

    I also like the metaphor about a river not being the same two days in a row. It might be the same river but it’s not the same water. Of course you are the “same person,” but the ideas and skills that are flowing through you now are maybe a little altered, even if your banks are steady. (wanna have a “belaboring the point contest? I’m here for you!)


    1. Hahaha. No, contest thank you. I’m ready to let it go. I do understand that I’m the same person with different experiences, but I think I mulled my dear friend’S comment over to the point that I thought I was missing some sort of warning of difficulty ahead if I wasn’t mindful of the changes within. I’m good, I’m HAPPY again, anD that’s everything.

      Thanks for commenting and for reading!


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