Wine Making Part 2

It’s been a week since I started my batch of Blackberry Wine and thus it is time to strain the pulp from the wine and add more sugar water. So far the brew is coming along nicely.

According the recipe for Method 1 in the “Brewing Bible”, 1 week after the wine is started, you are to pour the wine into a clean and sanitized container, draining it through a sieve lined with cheesecloth. Rinse and sanitize the glass bottle or brewing container with more campden water. Finally you mix another 1/3 of your sugar with ONE PINT of water and boil for 1 minute.

I boiled the sugar down (4 lb. sugar in 3 pints of water) and then let that cool.

While it cooled, I cleaned another bucket and rinsed it with 1 cup of Campden water made by crushing 2 Campden tablets up and disolving them in the water. This solution slowly swirled around the bottom of the bucket and up the sides.

Once the bucket was cleaned and sterilized, we uncapped the wine bucket and slowly poured the beautiful liquid through the strainer lined with cheesecloth.


At this point it is beginning to smell a lot like wine, though the yeast is slightly more pronounced. The Man was not a fan of this part, though to me, it was the smell of success!

Next, I squeezed the pulp to get out as much of the juice as possible.


Once the brewing bucket was empty, I scrubbed it clean and sanitized it with the reserved Campden water and then poured it back into the brewing bucket.


Look at that gorgeous color! The instructions did not say it had to be strained a second time, but I felt that some of the seeds may have not been strained out the first time so I went for a second straining.

Finally we added in that beautiful, sweet sugary liquid.


Before pouring the sugar water in, I put a small amount of it on my finger and worked it around the lip of the bucket to assure a solid seal. At this point, if I felt it needed it, I could have added more yeast to make sure that it continues to cook along. I felt that I could still smell enough yeast to take a chance and let it feast on the sugar water. I will watch the activity in the airlock and if I think the activity is too slow, I will boost it with a little more yeast. Not too much more though.

So now we wait 10 more days. At that point we will be in the home stretch, adding the last third of the sugar dissolved in 3 pints of water and then we wait for it to show signs that it has stopped working. Then begins the clearing process. This will be a LONG wait, but hopefully it is all worth it.

The Blackberries are still coming on strong and I’m working on new ways to use them up! Look for my latest berry excursion on the next installment of Try It Tuesday.




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