What’s For Dinner Wednesday with a Side of Wine

If you are interested in my other two wine making posts, you can find them here and here.

Oh my goodness, I could hardly contain myself this morning when I realized that it was WEDNESDAY!!! Not because we are half way to Pub Club, though that IS a good reason to celebrate, but because it’s day 10! Day 10 of what, you ask? It’s been 10 days since I last fed sugar water and strained out all of the pulp from that Blackberry wine I’ve been making in the back room! Time to pour off the wine, leaving the sludge behind and add the last batch of sugar water!


So excited for this day was I, that I went to the kitchen to mix the 4 lbs of sugar with the 3 pints of water before I even had breakfast! It had to cool you know. But all of my hope and joy was soon to be squashed. As soon as the syrupy liquid had cooled I went back to take the lid off and it wouldn’t budge!


That stinking lid was coming between me and my sweet wine project. I tugged, I pulled, I pried and I contorted my face up into that “I’m expending all of my energy into this task” sort of look. I whimpered, I cried…I may have cursed, but that bucket lid was not going ANYWHERE! It was holding my wine captive and there was nothing I could do about it.

To be fair, my dad told me that this would happen. “It pretty hard to get that lid off,” he understated. No kidding. So, I gave the bucket a good kick and went to text The Hubs who expressed that he was sorry, but that there was nothing he could do about it at that moment. See if he gets a glass of wine when it’s done. Humph.

OK, maybe it was a bit much to expect him to come home from work and rescue my wine. I would have to wait, and wait I did…until the very moment he walked in. With some effort, he pried the lid off the bucket of beautiful juice! We were in business now!


I had already cleaned a second bucket and sterilized it with the Campden water so we could get right down to it. The deal here was to slowly pour the wine into the second bucket, leaving the sediment in the first bucket. A trick to be sure, but I think we were quite successful. I was surprised by how little sediment there was too.


Once we were down to the last bit of cloudy, sludgy stuff, we dumped that down the drain and cleaned and sterilized the brewing bucket. We returned the wine and added the sugar water to the original bucket and replaced that confounded lid.

Of course as we were cleaning up I found a little bit of the wine in the bottom of the green bucket. Not being one to waste anything, I had a little taste.


It’s GOOD! REALLY good!

Now we wait. We wait until it stops “working” (until the bubbles stop coming up). I’m not sure how long this will take, but I’m sure it will be a while. I guess I can use that time to pick out some bottles and make a label.

So, while I wait, why don’t I give you the menus for next weeks meals.


Sunday Brunch – Waffles. We’re trying two kinds, the typical waffle and Ham and cheese waffles with an egg on top!

Monday – 1/2 Bagel with Almond Butter

Tuesday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Wednesday – Breakfast Burrito

Thursday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Friday – Hard Boiled Egg, Hummus and Wheat Crackers

Saturday – Toast and Almond Butter


Monday – Diced Grilled Chicken, Cheese cubes, Crackers & Cherry Tomatoes

Tuesday – Hard Boiled Egg, String cheese, Crackers and Fruit

Wednesday – Turkey and Spinach Wrap with Cucumbers

Thursday – Refried Bean Quesedilla

Friday – Cottage Cheese, Crackers and Tomato Slices

Saturday – Gidget Sandwich day!


Sunday – Burgers and homemade Fries

Monday – Spaghetti, Focaccia Bread and Salad

Tuesday – Chicken Burritos & Brown Rice

Wednesday – Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and Green Beans

Thursday – Grilled Balsamic Steak, Grilled Potatoes and Salad

Friday – Pub Club gathering at our house. I’m serving up Blackberry Margaritas, Smoked Brisket, Potato Salad and Slaw.

Saturday – Goulash and Salad





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