Thread it Up Thursday – My Sewing Shame

I chose to give Thursday the theme of “Thread It Up” with the intention of diving into my stash of unfinished and yet-to-be-started sewing and fabric projects and finishing them up. I have a LOT of them.


See that trunk and those two totes? They are full of fiber dreams and unfinished projects. Now, I could waste your precious time, and mine with all of the excuses for why I haven’t finished (or started) them yet, but the truth is, I’ve just gotten overwhelmed and this corner of my world that was meant for creativity is just my dirty little secret.


OK, maybe it’s not so much a secret as this mess takes up two corners of my dining room, but as you can see there are more projects and my machine is cluttered and disorganized and just an overwhelming mess. As I type this, my fingers are clumsily tripping all over the keyboard as my anxiety rises.

So, the first step on this Thread It Up Thursday is to get this mess cleaned up and organized so I can ACTUALLY Thread up my machine. The second step is to go through the projects and see which ones I STILL love and want to finish, and release those that I no longer have a passion for. The results will be next week’s Thread It Up Thursday post. I’m trading my shame for accountability and I’m getting my sewing act together.

Stay tuned…


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