Thread It Up Thursday – Sewing Corner Reclaimed!

Since last week’s post about my sewing corner shame, I have been driven to get things turned around, to design a happy space where I could create freely. A place that was organized and pretty. A happy sewing corner! It was a lovely adventure and it came together so nicely as you can see.

In the last 7 days I’ve painted, sanded, organized and created my heart out. I think that was my favorite part, I got to be really creative. I haven’t had the time, or the organization, to be so creative in such a long while. It felt GOOD!

Along the way, I discovered things, things I knew existed, but had kind of filed away and forgotten. For instance, there was this little “inscription” left by The Girl during her use of the machine, probably during one of her midnight, Hail Mary, night before judging, 4-H sewing projects.


“Help I am Going…” None of us could quite make out the rest of it so we weren’t sure where she was going. Out of her mind, crazy, to run away? Who knows, she can’t even remember, but her written cries for help were found etched into other areas of the cabinet and my sewing box.

Not wanting to lose this “precious” memory when I painted, I took the liberty of deepening the carving, saving it for posterity. I told her she would one day inherit my old White sewing machine and cabinet and I wanted her to forever remember that moment that she was going…somewhere.


I used Rustoleum  Chalk Paint in Charcoal. This was my first use of Chalk Paint and I really like it. It gave a nice look to the piece and the darker color makes the machine fit in with the darker wood furniture of the room. I’m in LOVE!

A quick search of Pinterest provided a bunch of fun and unique ways to organize sewing spaces. I took a few of my favorites and made some of them my own.

I loved this simple trick for organizing bobbins. It keeps them from rolling all over the drawer and they don’t come unwound and tangled.

A simple toe separator. And they are pretty too!

This one was probably the most fun! I took paint and a beautiful frame I found at Goodwill, some 4″ golf tees and some peg board and turned my messy spool drawer into organized, fun “art”!

At first I was going to paint the frame turquoise, but I fell in love with that platinum look and decided against it.

I spent most of those 7 days sorting through pins, needles, notions and fabric. I organized and folded and got everything put away. As I organized I found many of my treasures and unfinished projects. I also found my old wooden sewing box.

I picked this guy up at an auction several years ago. It was filled with all sorts of vintage sewing stuff and I LOVED it. It wasn’t pretty, but it sure was neat. It’s been through a LOT with me too. I hauled it with me when I was doing costumes for the local community theatre.

One evening as I was loading 3 kids into the van and all of my costuming stuff, I set this old box on the roof of the van and…you guessed it, I left it there, pulled out of the parking lot, turned the corner and crossed the railroad tracks. As I was picking up speed to merge into traffic, that’s when it happened. It fell off the top and all over the road.

Now I don’t know what I was thinking at 9:00 at night, but I pulled over, put on my blinkers and went back for my box and it’s contents. I couldn’t believe it had survived! Not only that, but there was minimal spillage of it’s contents!

That faithful box got a much needed makeover this week and is not the proud holder of ALL of my buttons!

I took care of my unruly stash of lace, elastic, ribbon and bias tape by twisting them around large craft sticks and displaying them in this old cracker jar! For added decoration, I put a bunch of my old, wooden thread spools in a fat pint jar. LOVE this!


I folded and folded and folded and folded. There’s a neat little tutorial over at I Always Pick The Thimble  on how to fold your fabric to fit the space. I folded it to fit the drawers in my steamer trunk and the cute little basket that I found at Goodwill that I painted.

I love having my fabrics where I can see them!

Finally I added finishing touches. I found these beautiful drawer pulls at Goodwill. (all of the Goodwill finds appealed to my thriftiness, making this project EXTRA fun!)


Found the perfect hangers for my tape measures. Now they are always at the ready.


I added this piece of art to my happy corner. The Boy bought this for The Hubs and I for Christmas. It’s been hanging in the living room, but it just didn’t seem right in there. Once I got this corner put together, I knew that it had finally found its home. It is a fabric mosaic made by local artist Lori Miller. The piece is titled “It’s Possible” which just seemed to fit the whole of the project.

Everything is set for me to start working on my projects! For starters, I can now easily lay my hands on them. I have a very good feeling about this and I can’t wait to get busy!

The big question now is, what to do with this chair? You KNOW I already have the answer to that one. Stay tuned…







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