What’s for Dinner Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. Menu planning day. This week I’ve had trouble trying to figure out what to make. There’s no inspiration…not even on Pinterest! (Gasp!) The family’s no help, they don’t know what they want, I don’t know what I want to fix and there’s a part of me that is thinking about those…those….I can’t even type it! OK, it seems that all I can think about is those cold weather dishes like Stew and Chili and Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy! I even considered ham and beans with cornbread. Really? I’m the girl of Summer, right? Ugh.

Well, at least I had a distraction from it all this morning.


It’s been two weeks since I added the last of the syrup to the wine. The bubbling has stopped…or at least it has slowed considerably. I decided to take a look (and a taste) to see how clear it is after sitting. It’s still cloudy, but it will take time for it to clear up. Still, I had to see. It’s a pretty color, don’t you think? It is also very tasty. It’s sweet and you can taste the blackberries. You can still smell the yeast a bit so I assume it’s still working, but the whole thing, all 4 gallons of it, has potential! I’m excited. Now to pick out bottles…

In the meantime, I figured out what to feed the family. Here’s what’s being served up on Momma T’s Table:


Sunday Brunch – Breakfast Bowls

Monday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Tuesday – Cottage Cheese and fruit

Wednesday – Toast with Almond Butter

Thursday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Friday – Eggs and Toast

Saturday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness


Monday – Turkey Tomato Tortilla Sandwich

Tuesday – Fruit & Cheese

Wednesday – Baked Sweet Potato with Fetta and Dried Tomatoes

Thursday – Cucumber & Tomato Sandwich

Friday – Veggies & Hummus

Saturday – Gidget Sandwich lunch


Sunday – Country Style Ribs, Baked Poatoes and Watermelon

Monday – Pasta a la Momma

Tuesday – Better Than Take Out Fried Rice using leftover pork ribs

Wednesday – Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Thursday – Mexican Rice and Beans

Friday – Pub Club

Saturday – Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Salad

So there. I did it. I saved managed a menu full of Summery foods. No soups or stews or stuff like that, though it still sounds good. Maybe it’s because school has started up again or that football season is in the offing, or maybe it is my soul accepting that change is coming, but I’m getting excited about those cooler weather dishes. I’m looking forward to football games and wiener roasts too. What is happening to me?




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  1. Liz Greer-Hunt says:

    What is a Gidget sandwich lunch?


    1. Haha, we watch a lot of God get around here and one thing we noticed is that when things got tough for our favorite teen, or when she was cooking up a scheme, or when she needed a midnight or after school snack, she would go to the fridge and pull out a perfectly piled platter of sandwich fixings and the mustard and ketchup amd make a sandwich! It seemed like nearly every episode had a sandwich in it. Everything was better after the sandwich, so a while back we took to creating our own Gidget sandwich platters on a Saturday afternoon and enjoying our own “Gidget sandwich”!


      1. Sorry, we watch a lot of GIDGET around here.


      2. Liz Greer-Hunt says:

        I wish a perfectly piled platter of sandwich fixings would magically appear in MY fridge! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Haha, it takes some doing, but it can happen, if someone makes it happen. I always wondered if the crew just stole the platters off of the Kraft Services table or something. Sometimes there would be a partially carved turkey breast on the platter! Ah, the good old days.


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