What’s For Dinner Wednesday…Or Something Like That.

OK, so it’s NOT Wednesday, but it could be. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had trouble keeping track of the days this week. Funny how one day can throw us off. And I’ve been off this week. For instance, I knew it was Wednesday yesterday. I was quite aware of it as I knew that the first 4-H meeting of the new 4-H year was the next day and I spent much of that day in preparation for that. I also planned out the menus yesterday, I just forgot to post them. Oh well, it’s Thursday (right) and the menus are done and they are here for your perusing pleasure.

Last week I shared my love of cast iron cookware with you. In that post I shared that big, beautiful collection of all things cast iron with you. This week I would like to share MY personal collection, or at least part of it, with you.

I can now proudly display all of my skillets and Dutch Oven in my beautiful pot rack that The Hubs made me. I also have a griddle, 2 corn pans, a panini press, and a cast iron wok that are stored away. Nothing compared to the collection I showed you last week, but it’s mine and I love it!

I love this rack too! I had all of this taking up precious stove-top space because I had no convenient place to store it. Now it’s up out of the way, but still handy. The rack slides out to help me access the pieces and each is hung on a custom hook so that the pans all hang at the same level so, little ol’ 4-foot 11-inch me can reach any pan of any size. It’s perfect and  a treasured piece of work from the man I love. ❤

So, what will I be cooking in all of this glorious cast iron? Well have a look! Here’s what’s being served up on Momma T’s Table in the week to come!


Sunday Brunch – Omelettes

Monday – Yogurt, Berries and granola

Tuesday – Caitlin’s Bowl of Fruity, Oaty Goodness

Wednesday – Toast & Almond Butter

Thursday – Caitlin’s Bowl of Fruity, Oaty Goodness

Friday – Baked Egg and Veggies

Saturday – Breakfast Quesidilla


Monday – Apple & Cheese Quesidilla

Tuesday – Tomato & Cheese Pizza Bagel

Wednesday – Cucumber and Tomato Caprese Salad

Thursday –Apples and Almond Butter 

Friday – BBQ Chicken & Apple Salad

Saturday – Gidget Sandwich Lunch


Sunday –  Lamb Brats, Green & Yellow Veggies, Mac & Cheese Bites GO PACKERS!

Monday – BBQ Chicken, New Potatoes, Green Beans

Tuesday – Deep Dish Pizza

Wednesday – Short Rib Sandwiches and salad

Thursday – Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Apple Dumplings or Fried Apples

Friday –  Pub Club!!!

Saturday – Baked Ziti and Salad

The Hubs and I visited the orchard last Saturday and came home with a bushel and a peck of apples (seriously, that’s what we ended up with a bushel and a peck! There may have been a hug around the neck too.) Anyway, I am looking forward to processing some of the apples into apple sauce and other apple goodness to put up on my shelves for winter. I’m also planning on enjoying them with our meals, as you can plainly see. I guess this is one way to embrace the change of seasons.




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