What’s For Dinner…Whatever

So, here I am, a day late and a menu short…again. These are busy times and I’ve got a lot of projects going on, but fear not my faithful readers, I’ve got the menus you seek.

Did you know that it was 4 years ago that I started working on this blog? I was still trying to figure out what my focus would be and I asked friends what they would be interested in reading. Anecdotes, recipes, home improvements and menus seemed to be the favorites. I still find it funny that menus are one of the things you folks want to read, but you tell me that they inspire you, give you ideas for your own menus. Give the people what they want I guess.

I know I’ve not given you much other than menus lately, but let me assure you, I’m working on things to share with you. In fact, that seems to be what this blog does for me. It spurs me on to work on and complete the projects that I think you might be interested in. Unfortunately, it is in the doing of these projects that I get behind on the blogging. I’m stuck in a loop.

Since it’s Thread it Up Thursday, I thought I’d give you just a little sneak peek at something I’m working on…in between painting my cabinets, working on an interesting and fun kitchen back splash, cleaning up the gardens, etc.


I’m making a sow out of a seed sack. I started this one a few years ago, but the pattern I had was missing ONE critical piece and though I tried, I could not quite get the shape and size of the missing piece right. Fortunately I ran across an uncut copy of this pattern recently and I’m back in business! Can’t wait to get going on it.

Things are so incredibly busy around the table right now. I find that when life is at it’s busiest, that is when I appreciate a meal plan the most. It’s one less thing to think about and planning ahead means that everything I need is in the house when I’m ready to make a meal. That’s not to say that things always work out. There are times when time runs out, schedules change or the recipe just plain doesn’t work out, this is true. But most of the time, having a plan allows me to go about my day with one less thing to think about.

So, here’s what’s on Momma T’s Table this week. I sure would love to hear from you too! What’s on YOUR table this week?


Sunday – Breakfast out with The Man before we make an EARLY trip Third Sunday Market

Monday –  Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Tuesday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Wednesday – Toast & Almond Butter and 1/2 Banana

Thursday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Friday – Yogurt, Granola & Fruit

Saturday – 1/2 Bagel, Cream Cheese & Fruit Preserves


Monday – Hard Boiled Egg, Cheese Stick, Apple slices and Crackers

Tuesday – Apple & Cheese Quesidilla

Wednesday –  Hummus & Veggie Club Sandwich

Thursday – Veggie Roll-up

Friday – Hard Boiled Egg, Green Peppers and Hummus

Saturday – Gidget Sandwich Lunch


Sunday – Chili Dogs, Veggies and Dip GO PACKERS!

Monday – Beef with Mushrooms and Snow Peas

Tuesday – Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Carrots & New Potatoes

Wednesday – Mushroom & Spinach Frittata

Thursday – Beef Barbacoa, Black Beans and Rice

Friday – Out

Saturday – Chicken Tacos

So there it is, my little peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner until…next Wednesday. The hamster wheel of life may just run me over one of these days.




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  1. Nicola O. says:

    What’s a “sow” ?


    1. An adult, female pig. Was kind of going for a play on the “Silk Purse out of a Sow’s ear” and that Sow (hog, rhymes with cow) and Sow (plant rhymes with sew) look the same, but sound different and then the whole seed sack thing…perhaps my references are too rural…


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