What’s For Dinner Wednesday! (For real!)

Look it’s Wednesday and I’m posting my menus!

Things are keeping a swift pace here around the table. I’ve put up apple sauce and apple butter this week and still have 1/2 a bushel of apples left, which will go into zippy bags with a Tablespoon of water and be stored in the spare refrigerator for eating and cooking! Storing apples this way keeps them for months. We did this last year and kept them fresh until December!

Apple Butter

All of this apple madness has bathed the house in the spicy, sweet scents of Autumn. I have to admit that the aromas have gone a long way toward helping me accept the coming season. Well, they cushion the impending blow anyway.

I’m also looking forward to cooking all of those soups and stews. Funny how even though it’s still warm outside, my thoughts turn to all of these comfort foods simply because of the time of year. I truly crave these dishes now, like no other time of the year. You’ll see them sneaking into my blog in the coming weeks.


Sunday Brunch – Chicken and Bacon, Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches; Yellow & Green Veggies and Dip – GO, PACKERS!

Monday – Hardboiled Egg and half a bagel with Cream Cheese and Apple Butter

Tuesday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty bowl of Goodness

Wednesday – Cottage Cheese and Fruit Preserves on Multi-grain Toast

Thursday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Friday – Apples and Almond Butter

Saturday – Eggs, Potatoes & Toast


Monday – Turkey & Cheese Roll-up with Hummus & Bell Pepper Strips and Grapes

Tuesday – Whole Grain Crackers, Cheese, Apple Slices and Almond Butter

Wednesday – Apple & Spinach Salad

Thursday – Grilled Chicken, Crackers, Hummus and Mandarin Orange

Friday – Hard-boiled egg, Hummus & Veggies

Saturday – Picnic Lunch


Sunday – Grazing

Monday – Roast Beef Grilled Cheese and Roasted Veggies

Tuesday – Pork Fried Rice

Wednesday – Chicken Bacon Pasta & Salad

Thursday – London Broil, Mashed Potatoes & Corn

Friday – PUB CLUB!

Saturday – Manly Man Sandwich with a side of Wonder Woman Salad! (OK, it’s just a regular salad made by this Wonder Woman!)

The cooler weather is coming, no matter what I do, but I am discovering that there ARE things I like about this season. I like the colors. I like the sounds of crunching leaves. I like the smell bonfires and cinnamon and apples. I like sweaters and hoodies and snuggling. I LOVE Halloween! Oh and the colors! I look good in browns and oranges. And yes, I do enjoy the soups and stews and comfort foods. What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?


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