Thread It Up Thursday

I was hoping to have a lot of project work from the sewing corner for you this week, but darn it if everything that I’ve tried to tear into has failed to come together at all.

Take, for instance, the adorable elf shown in this picture:


I bought this sweet little elf at a garage sale for 50-cents. He’s a shelf sitter. I took his stuffing out so that I could make a pattern from him so that I might make more elves. A couple of weeks ago I was tidying up and I put him away for later.

Well, I got to thinking about him today and thought of some ways I could make little cousins for him that would suit other seasons, like say, a scarecrow or a pumpkin man to put into an Autumnal display for the top of our entertainment center, which currently has this on it.


Yeah, I’t still Christmas. Sorry to blow all of your dreams to bits, but I’m no Martha Stewart.

I went through my fabric stash and picked out some colors and prints that I thought might be cute and then went to look for my little elf…and he was no where to be found! Where did he go? Is this one of those Elf on a Shelf nightmares? Is he somewhere in this house, just moving about? Is he watching me right now? WHERE. IS. HE.

So no forward progress on the elf/scarecrow or my autumnal decoration. I’m supposing this is just a sign that I should just let things be for the next couple of months.

I did make some progress on my seed sack project.


I cleaned up my newest find so I can prepare it for my project, though now that I’m really looking at it, I’m thinking the design on the sack is too large for what I want to do with it. I may lose too much of it when I am putting it all together.

Maybe I should just stick to wine making.

By the way, it’s time.





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