What’s for Dinner and Other Thoughts

Guys, it’s only 11 days until Halloween! I’m pretty excited as are many of the folks who have slowed down, walked by or stopped by to appreciate the decorations. I’m pretty pumped for the big day.

Before that though, the man and I have a wiener roast to prepare for! We have about fifty 4-H families coming by on Saturday to gather around the fire and visit and bond. If there were something I had to name as my favorite thing about Fall, this would be it, but then any time I gather with family and/or friends is a favorite thing with me, no matter the season.

Preparation for the roast and constant promotion of the Teal Pumpkin Project have kept me pretty busy. I’m happy to report that new blips are being added to the interactive map every day, but there’s room for plenty more. I’ve noticed a new one in Eureka and 2 new ones in Washington. Bartonville has two and Peoria is picking up the pace too! I’ve never loved a color more. If you haven’t added your blip, get on it! 🙂 Let these families know now so they have time to plan to come see you!


We cleared the garden today. A few red tomatoes and a few green, A LOT of bell peppers and Habenero peppers. I must confess here that I never intended to plant Habeneros, I wanted Poblano peppers, but confused the name, but darn it all if they didn’t grow well! I’m presently trying to give them away. I picked some parsley, spearmint and stevia and a bonus round of rhubarb! I hate to see the garden go, but I must confess, I’m already planning next year’s crops.

As if things weren’t busy enough, I’ve decided to challenge myself next week by essentially shutting down the kitchen so that I can spend more time cleaning and painting in it than cooking in it. As you may, or may not remember, I started painting my cabinets with chalk paint several weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have found it difficult to immerse myself in it when I have to constantly clear counter tops, load/unload the dishwasher and then put everything away just so I can start dinner, and then start the whole mess over again. So, next week, all of the meals are planned to be prepared in the morning and cooked in the slow cooker.

Now, I’m not a HUGE fan of the slow cooker (strange seeing as how I own 3 of them, huh?). I prefer cooking meats, especially, low and slow in the oven in my cast iron Dutch oven. I find the meats can come out rather soggy and bland when cooked in a slow cooker, particularly chicken so I’ve been rather careful in my selections and I’m hoping for the best. No chicken anywhere in sight. Here’s hoping that the selections I’ve made will satisfy both our appetites and help in getting this project done.

So, here’s what’s being served up around Momma T’s Table this week.


Sunday – Breakfast Casserole

Monday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Tuesday – Almond Butter Toast

Wednesday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Thursday – 1/2 Bagel & Cream Cheese

Friday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Saturday – Almond Butter Toast


Monday – Turkey Sandwich

Tuesday – Veggies & Hummus

Wednesday – Apple Slices & Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Thursday – Almond butter Sandwich

Friday – Hard Boiled Egg, Cheese Stick, Pickle, Pretzels

Saturday – Gidget Sandwiches


Sunday – Pot Roast, Potatoes and Carrots

Monday – French Dip Sandwiches

Tuesday – Stew

Wednesday – Quinoa Tacos

Thursday – Minestrone Soup

Friday – PUB CLUB

Saturday – Salisbury Steak and Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes


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