What’s For Dinner Wednesday

It’s a cold, rainy day here in the mid-west, a harbinger of the days to come. But as the saying goes, don’t like the weather here? Wait five minutes and it will change. This is certainly true this week as we will hit 75-degrees on Halloween! I’m not complaining, though it does make the meal planning a little difficult. Good thing I like a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, this kitchen cabinet painting has certainly been one. As soon as I think I know what I want, something comes along that gets me thinking and I change my plans. In the beginning the plan was to paint ALL of the cabinets yellow with a darker color underneath and then scuff them. Sort of a shabby chic look.

As I cleaned the lower cabinets this week I got to thinking about how the yellow cabinets were going to show every spill and splatter and speck of dirt and scuff that seems to be more common among the lower cabinets. I also got to thinking that with all of those cabinets being bright yellow and the walls an asparagus green it might just be so bright in there that I would have to wear shades to cook. So…I grabbed my little pot of Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint and started brushing it on the lower cabinets and I think I like it. We are eventually wanting to get stainless steel appliances and I think the darker cabinet will look better with that. I think so…


The lower cabinet door is actually darker than this. My slick new phone seems to need to “fix” things for me. *sigh*

But, if I’m going to have dark gray lower cabinets and yellow uppers, what am I going to do wtih the back splash, which WAS going to be old tin ceiling tiles, painted a matte finish, cast iron black?


Well, after pondering the color wheel while soaking my painting stressors away, I THINK I have settled on doing an oxidized pewter treatment on the tin tiles that I hope will make a nice transition between the lighter uppers and the darker lowers and will be a sort of neutral.

Here’s the thing, I’m really not good with colors, or at least choosing and pairing colors does not come easily to me and I’m never sure of myself. I have a rather differet kind of style too and that complicates things….or maybe I complicate things. Anway, we will see if this ends up being the combination I stick with. I’ll keep you posted.

One thing I’m sure of is what’s for dinner in the week to come. Here’s what’s for dinner on Momma T’s Table.


Sunday – Bacon, Veggie Egg Bake

Monday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Tuesday – Poached Egg and Toast

Wednesday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Thursday – 1/2 Bagel and Plain Cream Cheese Spread

Friday – Caitlin’s Fruity, Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Saturday – Out with my Honey


Monday – 1/2 sandwich and a Spinach Salad

Tuesday – Turkey Sandwich

Wednesday – Baked Sweet Potato

Thursday – Apple & Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Friday – Grilled Almond Butter Sandwich

Saturday – Gidget Sandwich Platter


Sunday – Chili Dog

Monday – Beef Pot Pie

Tuesday – Grilled Pork Chops, Crash Hot Potatoes and Green Beans

Wednesday – Oklahoma Onion Burgers (thin, pan-seared burgers cooked atop onions until the onions come up carmelized and slightly crispy) and baked broccoli crisps.

Thursday – Pizza Night

Friday – PUB CLUB!

Saturday – Ham and Cheese Skillet Sandwiches and Tomato Soup

That’s what’s for dinner at Momma T’s Table. Now….what to do about those counter tops. They are obviously far too light. I’m sure there are many solutions out there…but which one to choose…



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