Teal Is The New Orange

It’s been almost six weeks since I first posted about the Teal Pumpkin project and put my dot on the map. My lonely little dot. At that time I was the only one in my little town, there were two or three in the “big city” of Peoria and one just south of town. Never did I imagine that 29 others would join my lonely dot in my home town and so many others in the surrounding towns! It’s been an amazing thing to watch it grow.

It’s growing in other communities around the country too! The teal is coming in nicely all over the map. I’ve engaged our little town of Washington, IL in a fun little challenge not only with the area communities, but with the town of Redmond, WA. I have a dear friend there who is trying to get her community moving and I thought I’d help her out. Today they doubled their dots from 3 to 6! It’s no 30, but it’s a start! If you know someone in Redmond, WA get them on board! There’s still time!

If you or someone you know lives in Redmond, WA get them on board! There’s still time! All they need to do is buy some trinkets and put out a teal pumpkin or just the teal pumpkin sign! You are only limited by your imagination! Take a look at these amazing pumpkins!


This lovely gourd belongs to my neighbor. A princess of a pumpkin of ever I saw one! She’s right next door to the Nightmare so make sure to show her some Teal Pumpkin love!

This pumpkin represents the transformation the artist and her family knows all to well, thanks to Type 1 Diabetes. Her journey has been a frightful one, but for this mom, the Teal Pumpkin project means more than many will ever really know. In her words:

“Rest easy Momma… enjoy their smile and excitement… the contents in our treats will not suddenly change your day.”


Even our men and women in blue have gone teal! Where could you go that’s safer than the Police Department? No gobblins or gouls, just treats and trinkets thanks to this smiling blue fella.



Over on Adams St. someone’s been working her magic with a thing called a Cricut! Her paper pumpkins are spell-binding and her “trinkets” are bewitching!

I am loving the teal pumpkin pictures. I’m so very happy that so many have gotten on board with this project. I want to see YOUR teal pumpkin, wherever you are. #mommatstealpumpkins. There’s still time and you are more creative than you know! Go on now…get your teal on!




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