Tried It Tuesday – Teal Pumpkin Success

November 1st is always sort of melancholy for me. After spending a month setting up and tweaking our large display, getting things just right, greeting all people  who drive or walk by in wonder or stop to chat about all that we have up, it’s hard to see it come to an end. But all good things…right?

Last night was a success. It was warm enough for us to sit outside, which was nice because we could experience their reactions. We had more than 50 trick or treaters, rare for us. Some were 4-Hers who just had to come experience our yard on Halloween night. Others were kids who had moved away but had to come back to the old neighborhood, just to see our house. Still others were kids who USED to trick-or-treat at our house and were now bringing their kids. (I’m certain they were apparitions though, for The Hubs and I cannot be that old) Some simply piled up in the car to come experience Halloween Town. Still others (adults) had to come and take pictures with their favorite characters. One getnleman informed us that he woul be moving in with us because he just HAD to live in a houst that would do this sort of thing. Haha…sorry buddy, but if you have some space at YOUR house, maybe we could store some of our characters with YOU.

We had 4 visitors who were there specifically because we were one of the houses on the Teal Pumpkin Map. There could have been more, but no others specifically said that was their reason for stopping and we offered a choice of candy or prize to anyone who came. As you can see, both were pretty popular.

Some of the leftover non-food items wil be packed in Operation Santa boxes and the rest will be stored away for next year. I fear that the candy will go toward undoing all the goo that I have done for my weight loss. I’m hoping to maybe get it chopped up and put into cookie dough that I can freeze for later.

One of our Teal Pumpkin visitors came dressed as Belle. I received a message from a friend after she showed up at her house, letting me know she was her first Teal Pumpkin visitor and that she sent them my way! Shortly there after I received a text from another friend, excited as Belle had just visited there. She was three and her mother told me that everyone told her they had to come to my house. She also told me that until they learned about the Teal Pumpkin Project and saw the map with all of the dots in Washington (41, though I thought there were more earlier) that the plan was just to take little Belle to see her grandparents and go home. Last night, they decided to load her up in the truck and take her around to all the dots. A brave task with a 3 year old. Ha! I’m not sure that they made it, but their enthusiasm certainly brightened my spirit!

The parents of little Belle were so grateful for the opportunity in their words, “that they wouldn’t have to take her candy from her when they got home.” and for me, that made it ALL worth it. Belle got to be just like the rest of the kids, collecting up treasures. I waved goodbye and promised her that we would be back her next year and for all the years to come with our Teal Pumpkin.

I have had so much fun listening to the stories of others who greeted their teal visitors and all the fun they had doing it. I know that this is just the start of something even larger. Next year I want to see the trunk or treats in Washington, IL go teal. I want to see entire neighborhoods go teal and I want to get the kids and families who need this safe version of Halloween come out in droves! I know that we will have the teal pumpkin displayed for as long as we live. I promised Princess Belle, after all and I wouldn’t want her to unleash the beast on me!

I really do hate to see this end. The Hubs hates to think of what he’s going to do with all of the decorations. He’s checking into storage units now. I figure if we get a storage unit I can dream up more to build. I’m not sure we’re both on the same page there, but I do know that we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to the yard next year. Until then, here’s a final look at our wonderful Nightmare…

My costume. I only scared a few kids and made a LOT of adults uncomfortable. 🙂 

Please share your Teal Pumpkin experience with me in the comments. I want to hear all about them. A big thank you to these teal pumpkins and all of the ones I never got to see.



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  1. Cyndi Jewell-Miller says:

    So glad I was the first to see Belle and that I got to send her your way! Do you need any small Play Doh containers for Operation Santa? They will dry out before next Halloween!


    1. Cyndi, I’m so glad you did too Your message brought a flutter to my spirit and a tear to my eye. It was good to know that you were excited to have had her visit! Looking forward to many more visits from her! I will absolutely take the Play Doh for the boxes! We have 15 of them to pack this year! Thanks so much!


  2. Nicola O. says:

    You are amazing, my friend. We sadly did not get many ToTers as our nabe is a bit remote and honestly not the friendliest. But we tried, and one little visitor was super happy with his bouncy ball, and his parents were appreciative. Although he did not have food allergies, it’s nice to have a non-candy alternative.

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    1. Do not get discouraged, friend, perhaps YOU can be the change you desire to see. 😉 For years we did not get more than 5 or 10 ourselves and as you know, we are not remote in the least. The kids would just stay over on the other block and not come back our way. Since we “went BIG” we’ve seen a steady increase. Maybe you need to think about that. LOL. Many of the KIDS that we had chose the toy over the candy, which I thought was pretty cool. The older kids (5th grade and up) were more into the candy though. Still, it’s true, many parents were happy to see a choice. Thanks for the love. Had a lot of fun trying to help you get Redmond perking and you tripled your numbers in just one weekend if I’m not mistaken. Maybe that will spread!


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