What’s For Dinner Wednesday – A Heaping Helping of Kindness

Well, here we are, the day after. I’d like to say that Momma T’s Table is a political free zone, but that would be dishonest and quite frankly not what the table is about at all. My table is a place for open discussion and our table, as I’m sure many others over these past few months, has been a place where we discussed or thoughts and reactions throughout this historic presidential race with more twists and turns than any mystery novel known to mankind.

Around our table we had a first time presidential voter. Around our table we had a lot of discussion and varying thoughts, ideals and opinions. Around our table we shared our struggles with the options before us. Around our table we remained respectful and loving, because at the core of all things, that is what matters most at our family table.

Now we have come to the day after and the conversation continues, only today we face trepidation. Today we wonder what is next. Today we face friends and family who are either elated or fearful or angry. What now? Kindness.

This morning my message to my family and to all who gather around my table is this: Today, as every day, we must go out there and do good things and make good choices. We must show love and kindness. We must practice sympathy and empathy. We must see the good in EVERYONE. Whatever changes around us in the coming days, good or bad or indifferent; love, kindness and compassion for others should never, ever change.

Today, as I arose and wiped the sleep from my eyes (yes, I somehow managed to get SOME sleep), I took in this new information. I read some facebook posts, both positive and negative.  I continue to process it, to turn it around and around and look at it from many angles. I don’t know what the future holds, I cannot with any certainty predict how this actually plays out, I can only guess. All I know for sure is that I have dishes to wash, laundry to do, a house to clean and family and friends to love. Oh, and a menu to plan and execute in the week to come.

So, with a heaping side of love and compassion, here’s what’s for what’s for dinner on Momma T’s Table.


Sunday – Omelettes

Monay – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Tuesday – Egg Sandwich

Wednesday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Thursday – 1/2 Bagel and Almond butter

Friday – Caitlin’s Fruity Oaty Bowl of Goodness

Saturday – Eggs and Toast


Monday – Salad

Tuesday – Soup

Wednesday – Toast and Almond Butter

Thursday – Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Friday – Turkey Roll-up

Saturday – Sandwiches


Sunday – Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Corn

Monday – Pork Fried Rice

Tuesday – Chicken Marsala with Tortellini

Wednesday – Country Style Baked Pork Chops with Steamed broccoli and baked potatoes.

Thursday – Parmesan Garlic Chicken and Veggies

Friday – Pub Club

Saturday – Out

Make this a great week, my friends. Have healthy conversations and remember to treat others as you wish to be treated. Practice kindness and enjoy each other’s company around YOUR table.


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  1. Cyndi Jewell-Miller says:

    Thank you for your simple thoughts and I don’t mean that as an insult. Life does just go on for many of us, as it should.


    1. Not taken as an insult. I am fully aware that it is not all that simple, but at the time of this post, simple was the best I could muster and perhaps the most honest way to express what I feel. This was a exceptionally impassioned election cycle with strong feelings and convictions on ALL sides, so it stands to reason that the emotions and shock should run so deeply throughout our country after the results were in. I had no expectations that it would be all sunshine and roses in the days after the election ended.

      I know that my reaction in this post could be (and has been) taken as very “Pollyanic” but believe me, it is not. I awake every day to uncertainty and I lay my head down every night hurting for friends and family on all sides of the issue. In between I have to move forward and take care of the day to day business and hope to make a difference for those I love in the process. I believe that we will find a new normal. I also believe that many warriors for good will eventually rise from the chaos. People who might not have otherwise found their voice in this mess.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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