Thread It Up Thursday – OCC Sewing Kit

Our family is participating in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child for the second year now. Last year we were able to get the whole family together to do it, but this year we’ve had trouble gathering, so it was The Hubs, The Eldest and myself who packed 15 of these beautiful red and green boxes for boys and girls of every age.


I’m told that the oldest age group of girls (ages 10-14) do not seem to get enough boxes to cover the need, so I always make sure that I pack 3 or 4 for them myself. I’m also told that sewing kits are good choice for this age as they can use them to make things to sell and to repair things for the family. I looked at those little ones they sell in the stores, but they just didn’t seem…special enough.

While cleaning out my “sewing room” I had come across some beautiful pre-cut fabric my neighbor had given me. Her mother had been using these colorful squares to make eyeglass cases from.


I got to thinking that they might also make the perfect sized sewing kit for a shoe box. The color, the capacity and the method for sewing all came together as this:


Each kit contains a small pair of scissors, beads, thread, ribbon wound around a large craft stick, and a seam ripper, tape measure and needle threader combo that I found at Dollar General for a couple of dollars. Though it would not fit in the kit, I also included a card full of Hemp cord that could be used for crafting things.

The assembly was quick and easy. Each square of fabric was 8.75″x 8.75″. I started by putting seam binding tape across one edge. This would be the exposed edge of the finished envelope so to speak.


Next I folded it up not quite half way. The total depth of the project (the measurement on the short side) was just a bit over 5″. With the project now folded up to this 5″ measurement, I sewed seam binding tape up the sides, across the unfinished flap of the “envelope” and down the other side, making sure to catch the double thickness of the folded up section in between the seam tape.


They really did come together nicely and it feels good to have found a purpose for this beautiful fabric! It was also nice to sit down and sew something. I pray that they bring some girl as much joy.

We love doing Operation Christmas Child. Last year our boxes were tracked to Tanzania, Malawi, and Kenya. I can’t wait to track this year’s boxes. I also can’t help but think that collecting items and having a box packing party could be a fun way to gather friends. Maybe by having everyone collect an “item of the month” throughout the year, then coming together in October or November to put their boxes together. Maybe have a cookie exchange or a soup dinner or something to go along. The wheels are always turning over here…usually finding me trouble I don’t need. Haha!

If you would like to learn more, search for Operation Christmas Child. The deadline for this year is almost over, but it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. Would love to hear about your shoe box experiences!


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