November 17, 2013

Four years out and this day is still ever present in my mind every day. In the four years past so much has changed. I have changed. Our family is more prepared and we are ever vigilant when the weather is “odd”. We don’t take the warnings lightly…not even the man. Our city has rebuilt and the scars on the land are slowly fading. I’m proud to call Washington, IL home. I’m also proud of this essay. It was healing to me and I feel it is perhaps my best writing ever. It is a piece of my heart.

Momma T's Table

November 17, 2013, a day like any other. It was just a plain old Sunday morning. A regular, unremarkable, pleasant, Sunday morning. Our high school football team had defeated Normal U-High in the quarter final play-off games Saturday afternoon and we were looking forward to having a team in the semi-final round for the first time since 1985! GO PANTHERS! The Hubs and I watched Charles Osgood on CBS’s Sunday Morning, as we always do. The entire show is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination.

We switch to more mundane television. We work on projects and the kids working on homework. I am finishing up a Madrigal suit I’m sewing for the High School, The Man is helping by putting grommets on the doublet for the costume. I was at the ironing board pressing the hem and waist band into the knickers. The weather forecasters had…

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